Message for October 9, 2016 from Pastor Shirley

Now Faith-Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hope for the evidence of things not seen.

Now meaning- at the present time or moment.

    “For the wind of My Spirit is blowing anew. You have entered into a new season. You have heard it said, “new levels, new devils but is it not true that I have given you power over all the power of the enemy. Yes it would be. For even in the days ahead you will need to know that when I give a  Promise I provide the way for it to be fulfilled. So rest assured when I speak that settles it! You have heard the saying, “ you can take to to the bank.”  Just as I own the cattle on a thousand hills I own the bank where My Word is deposited. So why would I not watch over my Word to make sure it is performed. When you to withdraw I have given my seal of approval which is my Name and you can go and write a check on me and it it will never be turned away. Only believe and doubt not that it is good and are given to those who are willing to cash in on them. So there you have it. It is yours. “Now” is your time to step into the overflow of what I have given.

   I am concerned that we get caught living between the time of  in the yesterday and the time of someday. We have those who say, “ if only if could be like yesterday, if I had it to do over again or those who say just hold on it will be better someday.”  In the process of time the someday never comes because we have got caught up in living the  yesterday over and hoping for a better someday. We then miss out on what is happening “now”. Miss on the opportunity of “now”  “Now” is the best time of your life. God want you to seize the opportunity of  “now” It is time to stop holding on to yesterday and waiting for tomorrow. It is time for “now faith” to operate. It is time for “now faith” that is rooted and grounded in the settled Word of God. It is is time for “now faith” that understands and believes in all the promises of God that are yes and in Him amen unto the glory of God by us. It is the same “now  faith” that says, “let us forget about the baggage of yesterday” and it is the same “now faith” that says, “don’t worry about tomorrow.”  I will cash in on what God is saying “now.” I have His seal of approval which is his name-Jesus. The name that is above every name of death, sickness, disease, famine, poverty, depression….Need I go on on Hallelujah!!!

   God is waiting on you to cash in what He has already provided. Believe!!

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