Our Mission

To love all people at all times and lead them into a new life in Christ.

Our Vision

To be a church that will be multicultural and generational, having a lasting impact on the people to whom we minister.

To see the gospel extend beyond the walls of our church through various outreaches.


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About Us

New Life for the Nations


We are a church of committed believers in the family of God.

We are  a place where God is honored, Jesus is exalted, the Holy Spirit is evident and the word is taught as the first and final authority for the life of a believer.

We are a multicultural family and we believe that every person was created in the image of God.

We respect each person at their different levels of growth as they progress in their spiritual journey to maturity in their relationship with God. 

We are a soul building station, receiving the Word to go out with the message of Salvation to those who do not yet know Him.

We are a loving body of believers and we welcome all to “come as you are” as we are ministering the grace of God. 

Shirley Powell Pastor,

Senior Pastors Dr. Gerald and LaVerne Reliford.

Members of  AEGA, The Association of Evangelical Gospel Assemblies.

Past Pastor Messages and Nuggets for Life