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To love all people at all times and lead them into a new life in Christ.

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To be a church that will be multicultural and generational, having a lasting impact on the people to whom we minister.

To see the gospel extend beyond the walls of our church through various outreaches.


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Message for April 14, 2024 from Pastor Shirley

The following poem was written by Rita Reynolds
Very appropriate words summing up the message last week.  Thank You Rita for sharing your poem.                    ——————————————————————————-                                                                                                                                                    
The Victory Shout                                                                                  
There is shouts of victory and cries of defeat when we lay everything at Jesus’ feet.
The cries are not our’s but Satan’s instead because under our feet is Satan’s head.
The battles is not ours and ours alone.                                                               
Believers are there with weapons in hand to conquer the enemy, and possess the land.
Do not let those spiritual weapons rust.                                                                 
Our God has given them to us in trust that we always use them without delay.
Only then is our victory on the way.                                                                   
We overcome Satan by Jesus’s Blood as he falls to the ground with a loud thud.
Do not let Satan raise his ugly head but use your sword until you know he is dead .
Don’t forget who is to shout and who’s to cry.                                                     
We know who wins even before we try.                                                      
Now, we can all shout the victory shout it is the 1st round and the enemy is OUT!!                                                                         

        God Lines Rita Reynolds  1996                 

Pastor’s desk

The love of God is extended to you everyday.  The Lord’s grace is equal to anything you might face today.  Walk in faith and be blessed.  You are highly favored in God’s eyes.  Afterall, He sent his son to die for you even while you were yet a sinner.  His love knows no limits and His blood cleanses from all sin.  With God on your side what can stand against you?

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