We’ve had an awesome spring and summer at New Life.  God sent Jim and Connie Child’s for campmeeting.  It was an awesome word for our church.   We are in a new season.   Pastor Shirley and Pastor Jerry keep bringing great teachings and prophetic words to minister to you about Grace and God’s power in your life.  Then last Sunday we were ministered to by Mrs. Charlotte Murray-Cable,  and there was such a sweet anointing.

    Now, you have been hearing and receiving, so what are you doing with it?  It’s one thing to have a head full of knowledge. It’s another thing to put action to what you have been hearing.

     At New Life there are several areas of ministry that are waiting on someone to step up and say, “I’ll do it.”   If we don’t have a youth program, or nursing home program, or outreach program, it’s because someone has not volunteered to do it.   

    There was at time a New Life that I would step in regardless of what area of ministry it was and try to fulfill it.   There were Sundays that I would lead praise and worship, teach Sunday morning class, then music practice at 4:00, lead praise and worship at the evening service, and then do children’s church.  I have also been in charge of the youth group and the women’s group.   That time is over.

     We will be at New Life what you are willing to become involved in.   This is a season of change, a season of wonderful opportunity for you to give of yourself and your prosperity to New Life.  We believe God has given New Life wonderful and talented people to lead and grow our church.   We have been pastors here for 37 years.   We believe that seed has been sown in you and gifts are here to be used to glorify God and minister to the body at New Life for the Nations.

You are the greatest church!              Will you answer the call?    Pastor LaVerne   

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