Message for June 5, 2011

Sometimes we all just have to share things from our heart.  This isn’t a Bible lesson per say, but it is a subject of importance to us all.
Next weekend we will have an opportunity we haven’t had around New Life for nearly ten years.  We are having Campmeeting 2011.  This is a chance to spend five anointed services with anointed men and women of God.  We have teachers, prophets, evangelists, apostles, and pastors.  All are coming with a word for this body and you.
Question,  will you be here to receive it?  These kinds of meetings are meant to give you a special opportunity to enjoy the presence of Father God.  Are you too busy to be here or just not interested enough to make sure you get here?  Have you got other plans even though you knew this weekend was coming?
Some will be here only Sunday morning because they don’t think it is necessary to come any other time.  It looks me that if one is really interested in God he would want to take advantage of what God might say or do for him by attending as many services as possible.
As Pastors, we wanted to set a spiritual banquet of the Word and Holy Spirit for your blessing and growth.  We can’t require your attendance but you are encouraged to be a part of this blessed weekend.  Do you really believe that you need to be here?  I do.

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