Message for June 12,2011

Praise God for this weekend Campmeeting.  It has been a refreshing season and we believe it is bringing a fresh wind of the Holy Spirit.  The men and women that are ministering in this meeting have moved under the anointing of the Holy Spirit and have heard from heaven with the Word and prophesy.
There will be testimonies as to what happened during these services that will change peoples’ lives.  Never under estimate the importance of being where the Spirit is moving.  It is possible to be right next to a miracle and miss what God wants to do for you.
How much of God do we want?  Are we willing to pay the price to be where the “Glory” is being poured out?  Elisha refused to leave Elijah when he realized it was time for God’s visitation.  He would not stop pursuing the prophet even though Elijah would say, “stay here while I go to…”
If you are going to walk in the fulness of God’s blessings you might have to make a commitment that will cost you some time and effort.  For those who have been here for the whole weekend; was it worth it?

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