Message for July 3, 2011

“For I bear them witness that they have a zeal for God, but not according to knowledge.” Rom. 10:2
Paul was speaking about the Jewish religious leaders of his day. Paul tells us about his own beliefs when he says, “I was a pharisee of pharisees, concerning the law blameless.” He was not pretending something he did not believe. He believed he was right before God. While he was killing Christians, he believed he was doing the will of God. It took a divine revelation to bring him to the truth. Paul was not a deliberate hypocrite. He was not pretending to be something he was not. He was simply believing the wrong things. When he got the truth from God, he changed.
There are many Christians today that have a zeal for God, but they are wrong in their beliefs. Therefore, they are off course in their “race.” They can be either too legalistic or too libertarian. Either one of these positions leaves us in a ditch on one side or other of the “straight and narrow” road. On one side practically everything is sin. On the other side practically nothing is. If we are going to be zealous for what we believe, we need to have the proper knowledge. Are you “free”? After all, the Bible says the truth will make you “free.” At New Life we have commited ourselves to “come to a knowledge of the truth.” We pray that is your goal as well.

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