Message for June 26, 2011

.”…the Word of God that works for those who believe.”  I Thes. 2:13
The truth of God’s Word is unquestionable and one must embrace it by faith.  God will do everything He says for those who believe.  Believing requires confidence in the knowledge and information we have.  Believing is having faith to act on the information we possess.
One of the cardinal Biblical truths that we believe and teach at New Life is confidence in the Word of God.  We believe that all things are possible to him who believes.  There is no problem that has no answer nor any condition that cannot be changed.
Doubters and unbelievers can see nothing when it comes to miracles.  A miracle could happen right under their noses and they wouldn’t see it.  It is our goal to teach you that God’s word works, His promises are true and for you, and He is the same yesterday, today and forever.
We urge you to lay aside unbelief, negative confessions, and defeatist attitudes.  Accept God’s Word as truth and allow it to empower your life.  The real hope for successful living is activating the Word in you by choosing to believe. The key to our success is God’s grace.  We believe unto righteousness not work for it.

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