From DARE TO BELIEVE by Becky Dvorak

HOW TO RECEIVE HEALING (Necessary changes of the heart)  p. 109-111

     Many people are not correctly positioned in their hearts to receive healing.  The Lord gave me the following list in a dream of the attitudes of that heart that we need to cultivate. I believe it will help and bless you.

     1.  We need to be humble.  Luke 8:41

     2.  We need to seek.  Luke 5:12-13

     3.  W need to press Into His Presence.  Luke 8:43-48

     4.  We need to be fully persuaded.  Romans 4:13-22

     5.  We need to judge God faithful.  Heb. 11:11

     6.  We need to be obedient.  2 Kings 5:1-14

     7  We need to put our faith into action.  Luke 6:6-10

     8.  We may need to find support.  Luke 5:17-26

*”The Word of God must be a mainstay to those seeking divine healing.  In it we find God’s truth about His will and purpose and about the situations in our lives.  Only in His Word do we find an accurate lens through which to see life.” Becky D.

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