Message for October 21, 2012 from Pastor Tim

Just today I read a daily devotion called “The Hardest Part of Faith,” written by the late David Wilkerson. In it he spoke of a lesson he learned from his Father very early on, when his father told him, “Son, the hardest part of faith is always the last half hour. When you feel like giving up; when you feel that your life is off track; when you don’t hear from God anymore, just hold on- because the last half hour is the hardest part of Faith.”

     I truly believe this church is in the “Last Half Hour,” and if we will not only just “Hang On,” but push forward, then the breakthrough will come, God’s Power will fill the church again, and lives will be changed. We must pray like never before, seek God’s guidance in all that we do, and push through, NO- Pray through like they used to in the Good ole’ days.

     Are You up to it? Will you humble yourself for the good of your Church, your family, and yourself? We will be conducting a 12 Hour Prayer vigil next Friday, from 7AM-7PM, here at the church. We are calling on you to commit to one hour, here at the church. Praying for our Pastor, our Church, and for God to pour His spirit out on this Healing Conference, that lives will be changed, people healed and souls set free through the Holy Spirit of God.

There will be a sign up sheet in the Foyer- PLEASE don’t just Blow this off- We need you to participate- One Hour……Remember what Jesus said to his disciples when he Prayed in the Garden…..”COULD YOU NOT TARRY ONE HOUR”? Please Honor your Pastors and Sign Up.  

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