Message for November 4, 2012 from Pastor Tim


    Isn’t it amazing that our politicians have gotten to the point where they believe us to be so stupid, that we can’t see the truth….believing instead that if they repeat a lie long enough we will eventually believe it?  What is worse, many do….So too is the efforts of the devil…We just completed an amazing healing event, where many were touched, and if you listen to the liar, he will tell you that you aren’t healed, despite the pain being removed, backs no longer being locked and immobile, but the question is- who are you going to believe God or satan?

    In like fashion, when God promises you something, and you are walking in His light, following His ways, but your body appears to be falling apart- it gets more difficult, but who are you going to believe? We know satan is the father of lies, and we also know God cannot lie, so who are you going to believe? Just as Joshua had the children of Israel renew their commitment to God at Shechem (Joshua 24), He reminded them of the things God had already done, then in Vs 15 he stated, ”But if serving the Lord seems undesirable to you, then choose this day whom you will serve……But as for me and my Household, We will serve the Lord.”     Healing begins with faith in whom you serve- CHOOSE WISELY- life or death, healing or infirmity, joy or misery… for thought. Pastor Tim.

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