The Old Testament law of God is incapable of changing a person’s heart.  Whereas, God’s love is capable of not only changing a person’s heart but transforming a person’s life.

The Old Testament law was all about the flesh aka human effort.  Faith that works by love is how God connects to people’s hearts to transform them.

“For in Jesus Christ neither circumcision available any thing, nor uncircumcision; but faith which worketh by love:  (Galatans 5:6)

When you choose to believe and trust in the love God has for you, your faith will work as God intended it to.  Faith is simply trusting in God’s love and goodness He has for you.

Law produces condemnation and fear in the hearts of men.  It can modify their behavior but will never change their hearts.  God isn’t interested in modified behavior but in hearts changed by His love and grace.

Love gives birth to faith in a person’s heart and has the power to change it in ways that the law is unable to.  Therefore, God connects to people’s hearts by faith, not by their flesh aka human efforts.  It isn’t your efforts or good works that change you.  It is knowing God’s love for you that does.  Good works are evidence that you know God loves you.

                                                            By Ed Elliot

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