WHEN LESS IS MORE…..by Ziz Ziglar

   Many of us are afflicted with the “go, go, go disease.”  Somehow, we’ve developed the core belief that we can’t be happy unless we have our lives full of activities.  But the disease leaves us feeling exhausted.  Our most cherished relationships become shallow and tense, and we become confused because we’re trying so hard but feel so empty.

In our light-speed culture, one of the marks of true wisdom is the determination to carve out time and space to reflect, rest, and recharge our emotional batteries.  Creating “margin” in our lives doesn’t just happen.  We have to schedule it, value it, and then protect it from the onslaught of voices that scream, “You’ve got to do this, too!”

The price we pay for creating these regular times is that we have to say no to some activities, but we need to be honest about the price we’ve paid for saying yes to too many things.  Making margin a priority reduces stress, increases fulfillment, and leads to richer relationships with God and every person in our lives.

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