Message for November 15, 2015 from Pastor Jerry

“But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come:” II Tim 3:1

        The Biblical definition of perilous is as follows; “Harsh, savage, difficult, dangerous, painful, fierce, grievous, hard to deal with.  The word describes a society that is barren of virtue but abounding with vices.”

        I am sure that there have been multiple times during the past two thousand years when this verse of Scripture has been seen as relevant to the condition of society.  The Dark Ages, the plague, 100 Year War, World War I, World War II, and the Cold War are just a few of these times.  The “last days” really refer to the time between Jesus’ first coming and His second coming meaning that we really are in “the last days.”

        A few days ago I was pondering the condition of our present society and came to the conclusion that I do not like living in the present culture.  I am out of tune with the “desires” that seem to be fostered by the driving forces of today’s society.  What is society coming to when Caitlyn Jenner is “Woman of the Year?”  Political Correctness is agreeing with the opinions expressed by government officials and mass media.  It is not “PC” to refer to terrorist as Muslim terrorist, even though they refer to themselves as such.  But, it is just “freedom of speech” when criticism is leveled at Christianity and they are called the problem with America today.

        Last night the Isis attack on Paris caused chaos and took dozens of lives.  It was not as devastating as 911 in the USA but it made a mark for Isis and “Allah”.  Muslim doctrine teaches its members that Islam is God’s plan to dominate the world by whatever is necessary.  The end justifies the means.  Force is allowed to bring all people under submission to God.

        There is no negotiating with them.  They do not want to live in peace with us.  All Non-Muslims are servants of Satan and must be defeated and dominated by Islamic law.  Their philosophy is–convert to Islam or die.  They are so committed to “Allah” and “Islamic Law” they will destroy all “ungodly” acts and events that do not conform to Islamic belief.  Beware! They believe they are doing God’s will.  They will not stop except by force.  You can’t negotiate with a hungry lion.

        Thank God that I am a citizen of His Kingdom, and it will prevail over all the power of the evil one.  My future is totally secure.  How about yours?

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