What would happen if ……..

What would happen if………
What do you think would have happened to the Prodigal son had he run into his elder brother before he got to experience the love, acceptance, embrace, and kiss of his father?
I think there is a good chance he may have never made it home.  His elder brother’s view of their father was radically different from who he really was.
I believe the elder brother would have scolded and condemned his younger brother for being selfish, thoughtless, reckless, and living a sin-filled life.  He would have probably made the Prodigal think his father was so angry with him he never wanted to see him again.  At that point of hopelessness, the Prodigal would have probably changed his course and may have never gone home.
How we portray God to people we meet daily will determine the path they take in life.  My desire is for people to experience our heavenly Father’s unconditional love and forgiveness as a reality in their hearts.  We never know when we act as God’s embrace and kiss to someone searching for the kind of love only God can provide.
                                                                Ed & Laurie Elliott

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