From “Freedom” by Church of the Highlands

  1.  Take the Lowest seat.  Consider everyone more important than yourself.  Put the needs of others before your own.  Strive to please God, not yourself or others. Be a servant, and look to honor others rather than yourself.

  2. Always remain grateful.  Gratitude changes our attitude by keeping us aware of God’s provision and blessings.

  3. Give others their freedom.   Don’t try to control others.  People need the freedom to make their own decisions.  Sometimes they make good ones;  sometimes they make bad ones.  Either way, it is their decision.

  4. Make decisions that promote life in others.  When someone offends you, it may seem natural to ignore that person or pay back wrong, but Jesus says there is a better way.  Maintain a positive attitude toward them.  Choose to speak words of life over them and do things that build them up.  How they respond is up to them.  

  5. Trust God to bring justice when an offense comes.  Vengeance belongs to the Lord.  Think about what it would be like to pay for your own sin, rather than Jesus taking care of it.  None of us want what we really deserve.  We’d rather have grace!

  6.  Dedicate the time to the Lord.  Refresh your spirit in prayer, Bible study, and fellowship with Jesus.  God’s presence brings change.

What if you gave up your “right to be right” and instead chose to be unoffended, no matter the situation?


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