Message for October 18, 2020 from Pastor Jerry

“Why are you cast down, O my soul? And why are you disquieted within me?” Psalm 42:5
     Recently I found myself asking a question we ask all the time.  The problem is we usually don’t think about the answer.  The question is “Why”?
     We usually ask about the “whys” but take very little time considering the answer.  “Whys” always seem to arouse a feeling of the lack of understanding and it troubles us because we seemingly can’t come up with the answer.  We spend a lot of time on why things happen.  “Whats” are easy to see but “whys” do not come as easily.
     We can explain the “whats” but we can’t understand the “whys.”  In the New King James Version of the Bible the question “why” appears over 440 times.  Many of the times it  is a person asking God the question.
     “Why” is an easy question for us to ask.  Most of the time it is being asked to justify our position in the matter.  “I can’t understand why this is happening to me.”
     We are familiar with using what as a question to be considered but why is so many times used to question what is happening.
     Today I hope to help us understand a deeper reason for the question.  Consider asking why before you commit to the “what”.  Maybe it will be easier to deal with “what.”  Is the   “why“ good enough to justify the “what”? Then, you can decide the action to take.

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