Over the next few week I would like to talk about prayer.  Every activity in life has basic rules that must be followed to be successful.  For example, if you want to play baseball, you would not use the rules for basketball.  You can’t get to first base, let alone a home run without a bat.
They same principle is true when it comes to prayer.   There are basic rules that must be followed in order to have a winning prayer life.
Prayer has been defined as “communication with God.”   Jesus was in constant communication with God, His Father.  Hebrew 5:7  Amplified.   “In the days of His flesh (Jesus) offered up definite, special petitions (for tat which He not only wanted but needed) and supplications with strong crying and tears to Him.  Who was (always) able to save Him (out) from death, and He was heard because of His reference toward God (His godly fear, His piety, in that He shrank from the horrors of separation from the bright presence of the Father).”
Now, if Jesus, the Son of God offered up “definite, special petition” for what He “not only wanted but needed,” shouldn’t we follow His example?  The Word doesn’t say that Jesus’ prayer was heard because He was the Son of God.  It says that His prayer was heard because of His reverence toward God!
The devil convinces us that God won’t answer our prayers, so we don’t even bother to pray.  How many victories were never won because we failed to go to God in our time of need?  Realize today that it is not that God won’t, but rather that we don’t.

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