Message for May 23, 2010

“I am the Lord, I do not change…” Malachi 3:8.  If this is a true statement, it is imperative that we know correctly the character of God.  It is hard for some people to look at the “God of the Old Testament” and “God in the New Testament” and reconcile Their behavior because They look so different in behavior.  How can the Old Testament God that appears so angry and hostile that He “kills” and “destroys” sinners be the same God of “grace” and “love” seen in the New Testament?
If the ideas of some “scholars” are true (these are not isolated incidents but mainstream scholars), it means we either have two Gods or a God that changed or one who is a liar.  What do we accept?  Do we rationalize or do we seek to reconcile the truth?  God has never changed.  The problem has always been on man’s side.  We are not at liberty to violate the Word of God by interpreting things by what we see or how we feel.  Everything we accept as Christian truth must be in harmony with the entire volume of Scripture.  Nothing of God contradicts itself in Scripture, therefore, it is our responsibilty to find the truth of the Word.  We are not students of the Word by looking for Scripture passages that support our opinions.  Rather, we must submit our opinions to be supported by Scripture.

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