Message from Pastor Shirley for December 29, 2013

S.O.A.R in 14

S-Seated in Christ

O-Overcomers in this life

A-Attitude will determine if  we succeed or fail

R-Rest in the Lord

In todays message we are going to be looking at the word soar. Taking each letter and applying application of Scripture will see how we can go thru 2014 in expectation that our God is able.


This past year is over and as we step into the new year we can be encourage to know that it is a new season. God is birthing something new in the body of Christ. A fresh wind of revival is beginning to blow. We have been thru it and now we are over it. It is time to step into the new and embrace what God is doing in the earth now. There have been some that were told you are not going to make it but you did and you are here as a living breathing testimony of the power of God. No longer let it be in your mind you can’t when His Word says you can. No longer let it be in your mind you are not when His Word says you are.  

A season of divine timing. A Spoken word that has already been spoken by God and is now been delivered to us for such a time as this.The same word that spoke and called you existence is the same word that will keep you. God has already spoken it and it shall come to pass.  In His Kingdom it is already done and now we shall behold the manifestation of that word.  Dare to believe!


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