Message for March 18, 2012


Honor has power.  It is to value another person highly, to see them extremely important.  You value everything they do.  Honor is not earned.  It is a gift that is not contingent upon your emotions.

You give honor because you choose to give it and not because it is earned.  It is a decision you make.  “I choose today to honor my husband/wife because God wants me to honor them.”  In honoring them I let them know how valuable they are to me.  Honor is giving preference to others by attaching a high value to them–a cherished treasure.  The word honor carries with it the meaning of the way you treat royalty.  This is necessary to do regardless if they are hard to live with.

How do you honor someone who has not earned your honor?  Picture that person as being personally autographed by God.  Psalms 139:14 “You are fearfully and wonderfully made.”  You look for the good because God instilled His glory into each of us. 

It is easy to only see irritating habits, failures, and broken promises.  When we see people at their worst, we still show respect and honor.

You decide if someone is valuable.   Your feelings will follow.  Our feelings follow our beliefs and thoughts.  Your beliefs generate thoughts.  Thoughts create emotions, and emotions motivate behavior.   When you show poeple honor, they will begin to live up to it.

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