Message for July 23, 2017 from Pastor Shirley

Arise, Arise, there is a new day dawning

Look behold I AM doing a new thing

Let go of the old and embrace the new

For it is in the new my blessings flow

No room, no room in the old wineskin

Make room, yes make room for the fresh wine from Heaven

It is flowing freely, will you receive

Come and draw near to Me

For it is my heart I want you to see

No longer be held back of how you want things to be

When things of life don’t work out as you had expected

When things turn a wrong direction

When my promises to you seem long in coming

Don’t allow the spirit of discouragement to steal your joy

Seek me and you will find the way

Oh I say to my Sons and Daughters I will indeed show you the way

For I AM the Way Maker

Don’t allow the dread of tomorrow steal your joy of today

Rest in my Presence, rest in my Peace

For in due season you will reap if you do not lose heart


    …..for the joy of the Lord is your strength. Nehemiah 8:10

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