Message for January 20, 2013 from Pastor Jerry


Genesis 22:14  “Abraham called the name of that place THE LORD WILL PROVIDE.”  
    Yahweh Jireh (the Lord will provide) gives you hope blended with faith, and the result is TRUST–Total Reliance Under Stress and Trial.  Abraham discovered Yahweh Jireh in the greatest test of his life–greater than leaving home for an unknown land, greater than living a nomadic life, and greater than believing God for a child when he and his wife were past childbearing age.  God asked Abraham to sacrifice his only son, Isaac, to Him.  God asked the impossible of Abraham–did he trust God with his only son?  He was  willing, but at the last minute when God saw his obedience, He provided a ram for the sacrifice.
    Contained in the meaning of the name Yahweh Jireh is two attributes of God: the Lord will see, and the Lord will provide.  Because of His omniscience (all-knowing) and perfection of character, He is able to provide for, or supply, the need whatever it may be.  Yahweh Jireh might be amplified and understood as “the Lord will see to it.”
    How do you need Yahweh Jireh today–the One who sees the heart of your need and provides for you?     pp139-147  from “TRUSTING IN THE NAMES OF GOD”
                                      Catherine Martin

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