Message for January 15, 2017 from Pastor Shirley

Today we are going to have a time of prayer as we join other Christians worldwide “Ringing of Bells and Declaration Day for Israel.

On January 15, 2017, Paris will host meetings for 70 nations regarding a two-state Israel. They are seeking to establish the State of Palestine and transform the area of Israel into two states. The result of this two-state Israel will cause Israel to lose the most Holy sites of Israel, including the Western Wall and the Temple Mount, which will subsequently belong to Palestine. The “Palestinians” are not a nation, but are part of the Arab Nations who already have thousands of acres and miles of land.

If this vote is established in Paris, it will then be pushed into the main UN meeting on 17th. In the natural that is a given UNLESS God intervenes and interferes in these meetings. We are believing that when the 70 nations meet, they are going to HAMMER OUT the establishment of a two-state Israel.

The enemy hates the sound of bells. Bells are used to call people together, to declare good news, and to make announcement. If you don’t have a bell, it doesn’t matter – you can still declare:

  • Declare His glory, freedom, and unity by the Spirit of God, under God, with humility, honor, and respect for each national leader and fellow citizen.
  • Declare for good news to be over every land as we honor the Creator of our individual lands.
  • Declare that Israel belongs to its own people and its borders will be set by God.
  • This is our prayer and declaration together with one voice.
  • We are agreeing with the UN peace bell for unity of nations and also to add our own DECLARATIONS as God’s people seeking to be in agreement with Him.

There is Biblical warning for nations who set themselves to pull down or destroy Israel.

WE STAND WITH ISRAEL! (The Elijah List-Kathie Walters)

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