Message for November 15, 2020 from Pastor Shirley

Life has a way of throwing curve balls.  This year we have seen them make living life a little different than previous years.                             
Two things I have learned in the difficult seasons of life is-God is with me-this too shall pass.        
 We can go back and read in the Word the countless stories where a person or a group of people faced a significant challenge – a difficult situation and those things eventually passed away. There were times in the wilderness, wandering in the desert, exiles, being stuck in the belly of a whale, illnesses, plagues, jail time and even death – all of these things came to an end.  There are situations that we go through that are difficult and hard, but they are only for a season and then they will be over. Yes they will pass.
Hebrews 13:5-6 “God ]Himself has said, I will not in any way fail you nor give you up nor leave you without support. [I will] not, [I will] not, [I will] not in any degree leave you helpless nor forsake nor let [you] down (relax My hold on you)! [Assuredly not!]

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