Message for June 23, 2019 from Pastor Shirley

Our God is a turnaround God!  We go back to the book of Genesis chapter one and began to see how he showed his turnaround power.  The power of His words brought order into chaos and things began to turnaround. He began to speak to the darkness and the darkness turned into light.  He spoke to the emptiness and in turn filled it with it with fruitfulness. God created man (Adam) and turned a rib into his helpmate (Eve).

     The enemy has sought to turn back what God has destined to turn around.  His first attempt was in the garden with Adam and Eve. The enemy came in to reverse God’s attempt to turn what He had created.  (John 10:10) The enemy came to steal, kill, destroy what our God came to find, restore and to heal.

      BUT God is a turnaround God!  God demonstrated His turnaround power in the form of His Son.  It was at the cross that the turning point came for all humanity to receive their Savior.  Jesus paid the ultimate price for any situation contrary to His Word to turnaround.

      As the Sons and Daughters of God his spirit rest within us.  According to Mark 15 we are to go unto all the world and preach the gospel.  We are commissioned to work with Him to turn our world around. As we go we speak to the darkness and bring forth His light.  Turnaround! We go and find the lost and speak to them the message of salvation. Turnaround!

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