Joseph Prince

     Have you ever prayed and felt like you had no answer?  Cried out to God and felt like it was not heeded? Sometimes, in the worst situations, we are left wondering…where is God in the midst of this trouble I’m in?

    The Bible is filled with many characters who felt this way:

    ESTHER–was distressed when she found out about the evil plan to kill her people.

    GIDEON–felt powerless when he compared himself to the armies around him.

    DANIEL–was at his wits’ end when the King decreed to kill everyone who could not interpret his dream.

    No matter what situation you may be facing today, hold on to this one truth:  God is right there with you, and He has never left you.    

    God is an expert at turning days of difficulty into days of deliverance.

    Be filled with hope as you see how your problems could be a setup for God’s promotion in your life.

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