Message for July 29, 2018 from Pastor Shirley

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”.  Ecclesiastes 3:1

     Our lives are a continuation of seasons, time and the fulfillment of purpose.  Seasons come and go in our lives and it is called “transitions”. Transition means “the process of changing from one state or condition to another”.  One of the most difficult things to deal with in life is transition. For some it may the hardest thing for a person to do is embrace the process of change. But without change there can be no growth. This is true whether it is physically or spiritually.

     Our children that God has gifted us with we so enjoy that season of them been little. But we would not want them to stay in the state of infancy forever.  But as their parents we are raising them, loving them, teaching them, guiding them through the seasons of their life. Those times that they are in transition can be hardest for them to understand.  As parents the role we play gets different as they get older but we will always be there for them as their parent. I raised my son in a  manner that he could totally one hundred percent trust me. If mom said it nothing else mattered to him. In the seasons of his life when the things were not going well I was there to say let’s learn from this. Remember son it won’t always be this way. He knew that I was not causing the not so good times. He understood that life was life and things happen. But he knew that I was there for him no matter what.

    Just as we are sons and daughters of God he desires for us to grow in our relationship with Him.  Growth happens spiritually as we embrace the seasons in life and in each season of transition learning more and more  the faithfulness of our Father God. The seasons we go through that seem the darkest is the time we lean into God knowing that we can fully trust Him.  

    Paul say in 1 Corinthians 3:18 that we we transitioning into Christ’s image from “glory to glory”.

    Life goes on and every season is a new experience.  Let us learn to embrace the seasons of life as we grow from glory to glory.

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