Message for July 10, 2022 from Pastor Shirley

There are some that say:
The Bible is just another story to be told.                                                  
The blood of Jesus is no longer needed to cleanse the sins of man.                                                                          
Miracles have all passed away. 
Heaven is only a fairy tale of streets paved with gold.     
Hell is just the imagination of man.     

But I choose to believe. 
The Bible is the infallible Word of God.    
The blood of Jesus is the only way sinful man is cleansed from sin.                              
Miracles are just as relevant today as told in the book of Acts
Heaven is a place of eternal bliss for those born again.                                                                      
Hell has been prepared for the devil and his angels. 
Mighty voices can be heard in the land as an army of believers are shouting out, “God bring about Your kingdom.  Manifest Your will here on earth, as it is manifest in heaven.
                       DO YOU BELIEVE!

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