Message for February 5, 2012

Small groups are coming. I told you last year we would be launching small group meetings. We are testing the waters with special times of fellowship, food, and fun along with spiritual growth. Even if you have seen the movie “Courageous,” it will bless you again to see it with church family and friends. I encourage you to get involved now and establish a pattern. Involvement fosters a sense of belonging. Be a part of what’s happening at New LIfe.



Three nights at three different locations. The meeting schedule is as follows:***

6:00 CST each night.

FEBRUARY 19 Jimmy and Gayle Dowell

FEBRUARY 26 Bob and Rita Reynolds

MARCH 4 Tim and Jodie Cooper (pending)


The size of each group is limited to approximately 12. Sign up early. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to fellowship and be blessed. ****Sign up sheets are on the table in back of the church.

***We will schedule another movie night on March 11 if needed.

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