It is so easy to get in a routine and “comfort” zone in our spiritual walk. God wants us to “step out on the water” as Peter did and go beyond our human limitations. If you want to see miracles, signs and wonders, begin to reach for them with your faith.

The following poem was sent to me and encouraged me. Let this poem encourage you in your walk today.



Lord we need to move beyond

This place that we are in

To touch your very heart, O God

To have your love within

We need to move beyond the limits

We’ve placed upon our lives

To move into more of you

Revealed through Jesus Christ


Help us to keep pressing on

As, by faith, we take more steps

To really conquer our inner selves

To know you with more depth

To be focused more on you

No matter how hard it gets for us

We need to press on through


Though Satan rises with hell’s fury

With vengeance to devour

We pray, O God, you’ll arise in us

And fight with holy power

For greater are you within us

Than the enemy of our souls

For you have power and might, O God

And your Spirit is in control!


We know the victory shall be ours

Though for now the heat is on

Help us Lord to not give up

For by this you make us strong

You will sustain us in your love

Through what we’re going through

And deliver us the other side

Victorious in you! By M.S. Lowndes

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