Message for April 24, 2011

This was a glorious report and a puzzling statement all at the same
time.  How do you handle a situation that is reported as one thing but
seems that it would be impossible to happen?

This is where your faith takes over.  How many times does something
happen and it leaves you wondering what just happened?  Did He rise or
was His body stolen?  Did He get up and leave or was He taken away by
someone else?

Mary Magdalene was told by the angel that He was risen.  Yet, she sat
and wept until Jesus approached and ask her what was wrong.  She
replied, “they have taken my Master.  Can you tell me where?”  That
doesn’t sound like she believed the angel.

Mary’s lack of faith did not change the truth.  Jesus was indeed risen
as the angel said.  When she came face to face with Jesus she understood
that the angel was right.

Coming face to face with Jesus reassures as of the truth of God’s
word.  The Bible never truly has the life changing effect until we have
an encounter with Jesus.

The Lord’s Supper is a memorial forever of what He did for us.  Reading
about communion in the Bible acquaints us with it but partaking in it
reinforces the truth because through it we are encountering the power
and presense of our living Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.  It keeps us
from forgetting what He did at Calvary.  May you experience the blessing
of Easter all year long.

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