Message for December 4, 2016 from Pastor Shirley

   In the parable of the sower Jesus said, “The seed is the Word of God.”  (Luke 8:11)

   A seed does nothing until it is planted. A sack of seed sitting on a shelf is just that a sack, of seed. The nature of that seed is there and in order for it to produce it has be taken off the shelf and planted in good soil.

   God works in the hearts of His people through the Word that we put in our hearts. If we desire the Word to be productive in our lives, we must decide to plant the Word in our hearts and minds. God’s power is released through His Word. The reason the enemy attacks the Word is because the Word or the seed is full of power. God did not give us His word for it to be inactive in our lives. We have been given the Word of God which is the very life and power of God. When we put the Word in our heart, it gives God something to work with. As we partner with God and give Him permission to work in our lives, He will produce everything that is in the Bible on the inside of us. It is God’s will for us to understand and know that His Word (the seed) can accomplish great and mighty things in our lives.

   The Word of God (the Bible) laying on a table has within it power to bring life. But until it is picked up, opened up, and looked unto it will be just another Book laying on the table. But once the Bible (the word, the seed) is picked up, opened and planted in our hearts on good soil than we will began to see great and mighty things happening in our lives for the glory of God.

   His Word (seed) has been given to us to produce the Kingdom of God in us and through us.  The Power of the Seed—

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