Message for December 11, 2016 from Pastor Shirley

For as the rain and snow come down from heaven, And do not return there without watering the earth, Making it bear and sprout, And providing seed to the sower and bread to the eater, So will My word be which goes out of My mouth; It will not return to Me void (useless, without result), Without accomplishing what I desire, And without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it. Isaiah 55:10-11

    In school I remember being taught about the water cycle. I don’t remember them telling me it was God who created this awesome thing called the water cycle. Refreshing our memory on how the water cycle works:  the rain falls down to the earth through precipitation; it waters and feeds the earth. Then through the heat of  the sun it evaporates and rises again. As the air cools, condensation occurs and clouds are formed. This continues until the clouds eventually drop their load through precipitation again and the cycle continues. What is the impact of this cycle on the earth?  This rain cycle created by God causes the earth to bud and flourish. Crops planted grow, the grass grows, the gardens planted grow, flowers burst forth in beautiful blooms.

    The Word in Isaiah 55:10-11 tells us that just as there is a water cycle that goes forth to water the earth and will accomplish its purpose so does His Word that goes forth out of His mouth will accomplish His purpose. There is a natural water cycle and there is a cycle for the Word of God to bud and flourish. God has given us an example of how the water cycle operates in the natural for us to visualize how  His Word (seed) operates in  the spiritual realm. Just as the the earth is receptive and effective  by the rain for the soil so is the Word (seed) of God when sowed in good soil.

    God’s Word is the seed of His blessing’s.  The seed is the word of God and the ground is our hearts.  If we want His blessings to bud and flourish in our lives, we must do it His way.  We honor God’s Word, keep that Word in our heart and then confess it’s truth with our mouths. We then will see the Word accomplishing its purpose. God’s Word brings life and will give life to those who choose to receive it.

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