Gloria Copeland

    Satan is an outlaw.  God has given us laws to keep him in line, but he won’t abide by them unless we enforce those laws.  That’s not really surprising. Things work the same way in the natural realm.  In the United States, for example, we have laws against selling drugs.  We have laws against murder.  We have laws against stealing.  But if those laws aren’t enforced, what happens? Thieves and murderers continue to operate.  The laws have to be enforced.

    Once you understand that, you’ll see why satan works so hard to get you to talk about your problems instead of God’s promises.  He knows your authority to enforce God’s law is in your words.  If he can can your words going in the wrong direction, he can get authority over your life–even though it doesn’t belong to him.  

    Satan doesn’t care what belongs to him.  He’s a thief.  He’s a killer.  He takes what he can get.  So you have to use the Word of God on him when he tries to come into your garden and spoil it.

    That’s what Adam should have done when satan showed up in his garden.  The first time that creature opened his mouth to question the Word of God, Adam should have said, “Get out of my garden, you serpent!”

    And that’s what you and I should do too.  The first time the devil starts trying to bring doubt and unbelief to us–”Do you really think God is going to heal you?”  Do you really think God is going to send you the money to pay that bill?”–we should just tell him to take his lies and get out of our lives!

    How do you do that?  Just say, “ You Doubt, you Unbelief, you Fear–in the Name of Jesus, leave my presence.  Yes, I really do believe the Word of God!”  Quote the Word and don’t stop.  Refuse to listen to words that kill, steal, and destroy (John 10:10).  

    Just keep on speaking and studying what the Word of God says about your situation until it’s that Word you’re hearing in your heart all day, instead of those lies of the devil.  When you’re walking in the authority God’s given you, and speaking the Word of God, then you’ll have no trouble telling the devil, “Get out of my garden!”  And he’ll surely flee.

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