A Night like No other

 A Night like No other
                                        From CTA. INC.
HOPE–When something good is coming, it seems like it takes forever for it to come.  God’s people in the Old Testament knew that feeling   They were waiting to be rescued.  God’s people didn’t know when the rescuer could come.  They waited.  Their children waited.  Their grandchildren waited.  For generations and generations, their descendants kept hoping and waiting.  Their hope was based on God’s promise. And God always keeps His promises.  He sent His only son Jesus to be the rescuer.  On Christmas we celebrate the day that He was born.  Jesus took the punishment for our sin by dying on the cross.  But wait, there’s more!  Jesus rose from the dead.  He promised to come back again and give us eternal life.  Jesus will come back,  and it’s going to be good!  It’s hard to wait for something wonderful to come, but hope helps us get through.  Hope is being certain that what we are waiting for will really happen.  

PEACE–When God made the world, it was peaceful and beautiful.  Each thing was in the right place.  The relationship between God and the people He made was also beautiful and peaceful.  In Genesis we read that God spent time with Adam and Eve.  He walked through their garden home and they talked together.  Can you imagine how fun and amazing that would be?  When Adam and Eve disobeyed God, their relationship changed.  They rejected God’s good rules.  Instead of peaceful walks together, they tried to hide from him.  Their sin built a wall between God and themselves.   When Isaiah called the coming Messiah the Prince of Peace, it wasn’t just an empty title. When Jesus took the death punishment that we deserve, he broke down the wall of separation.  We don’t need to be afraid of God and try to hide from Him the way Adam and Eve did.  A sleeping baby is a sweet sight.  Once a baby is well fed and comfortable, she can finally relax.  Closed eyes and regular  breathing show peaceful rest.  God cares for you more than any earthly parent could.  
He sent Jesus to restore the relationship that was broken with sin. Through Jesus, we have complete peace with God… 
We can rest in him!

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