You are Priceless in God’s Eyes!

You are Priceless in God’s Eyes!
The Bible teaches all people are unworthy but that does not mean we are “worthless.”  God paid a great price to redeem mankind.  The value of something is always determined by the price one is willing to pay.
We use the term, “priceless” today to illustrate no amount of money on the earth could buy or purchase what one considers “priceless.”  All the gold, diamonds, and wealth of the earth could not purchase man’s redemption.  It took something of far greater value to pay the price.  All the gold, precious stones and the pearly gates in heaven could not pay what was required.  It required something of far greater value, so God sent the most valuable and precious gift He had to pay the price for man’s salvation:  His dear Son, Jesus.  Therefore, in God’s eyes, we are “priceless.”
Nothing on earth could purchase us, but the value God saw in His Son is the value He sees in us.  “For you are bought with a great price.  Glorify and bear God in your body” (I Corinthians 6:20).    

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