What are you watching?

We live in a society that is filled with media outlets.  All of them are trying to get our attention. We have radio, newspapers, television, satellite, cable, internet, DVDs, MP3s, cell phones thatt do everything, just to mention the most well known.

Everyone has a version of the “truth” of reality and an agenda they wish to foster.  Pictures and voices  flood our eyes and minds on a constant basis with anything and everything one can imagine.

Who has the real truth?  Who really cares about the real truth?  Who is just out for their own selfish gain?  It is hard to decide who can be trusted and who can’t.  Who’s informatin can I depend upon?  Politically, socially, and morally, who has the right answers?  Who is sending a true picture the way it should be seen?

Where does one find the “real truth”?  God says it is found in His Word.  If you are watching something I suggest you watch what God is doing.  You can watch Jesus or you can watch the devil.  Find out what Jesus is doing and not focus on what the devil is up to.  Be careful where you focus your attention or you will end up deceived.

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