This is the prophetic word for Pastors from Geri Coulter:

As I was sitting there in your church thinking about “40 years” of ministry , the Lord kept saying. “That is a generation.”   Then I heard Him say to you…

“Because you have stood faithful for 40 years , there is great reward laid up for you, not only in Heaven , but here and now.  This is a great and fruitful hour in which you live.  Many generations will benefit from your faithfulness, and even now many generations have received life changing benefits because of your labor in the word and your labor of love.

You do not know the great joy and the abundant life you have made possible for SO MANY PEOPLE and the generations after them because you stood form on your faith when everything around you said “Quit”.

Gerald, your faithfulness as a son, father, husband and friend is a rare jewel in the earth today.  And LaVerne, the same, you are a “Mother of Israel”  , and a mother to New Life for the Nations. You are a Virtuous Woman who stands out among women.  You are highly favored.

“This Day” marks a fresh, new anointing, and a new “wave” of My Spirit”, says the Lord.

Given to me June 11, 2011

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