The Secret to Jesus’ Obedience by Ed Elliot

The Secret to Jesus’ Obedience

Jesus didn’t obey the law of Moses so His Father would love Him.  He fulfilled the law because He was convinced of His Father’s love for Him (Matthew 5:17). 

    “As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you.  Now remain in my love”  (John 15:9). 

The religious trap many fall into today is trying to live their lives in such a way it will cause God to love them.  The truth is believers’ lives should reflect the fact they know and are convinced of the love God has for them.

 “Owe no one anything, except to love each other, for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law”  (Romans 13:8).  

Even if it were possible for people to perfectly obey the law of Moses, it wouldn’t make them loving, kind, and compassionate.  The reason is, the law is devoid of mercy, and mercy is a characteristic of love.  Jesus used mercy to bring people to God  (Matthew 9:13).

It isn’t obeying the law that helps a person be more loving and compassionate.  It is knowing how much God loves you that transforms you into a loving person.   Hence, Jesus taught His disciples to remain or live in His love for them.  He knew how life-transforming His love for them was.

The apostle Paul taught that “love fulfills the law” but the law will not make anyone full of love or even a loving person.  

The primary difference is that the law works from the outside and love works from the inside.    

                                            Ed Elliot 

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