1.  LISTEN–A great mother knows when to talk, and better yet, when to listen.  Listening to your child is not the time to multitask.  It’s time to show your child how much he/she means to you and give them all of your attention.
2.  BE CONSISTENT–Consistent routines, consistent disciplines, consistent punctuality all offer a form of security that develops trust between you and your children. A child will be less prone to disobey if the consequences are always enforced.
3.  LAUGH–A great mother knows how to find sunshine in the storm.  Learn to laugh during spills, accidents, and messes. Laughing during times of despair helps to lessen stress.
4.  EXPRESS LOVE FREQUENTLY–Telling your children “I love you” at least once a day not matter how old they are will strengthen your relatiohship and help your children remember that you accept them for who they are.
5.  BE FLEXIBLE–Great mothers exhibit patience.  Despite meticulous planning things can crop up at the last minute–sickness, flat tire, etc.  Using patience helps to suppress anger and keep children calm.
6.  PROVIDE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE–Your children need to know you love them no matter what their life circumstances may be.
7. BE THEIR TEACHER–A great mother takes her knowledge and shares it with her childlren–knowledge about life skills, finances, current events, and home and cooking skills to prepare them for when they leave home.
8.  PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH–Don’t be a hypocritical dictator.  If you establish rules, make sure you follow them, too. Otherwise, you will break their trust for you or never develop it.
9.  SPEND QUALITY TIME–Don’t let work and electronics take over your life and leave no time with the children.  Arrange time to spend one-on-one time with each child.  Play games with them and talk to them.
10.  APOLOGIZE WHEN NECESSARY–Parents are not perfect.  Apologize for the mistakes and acknowledge you’ll do your best to not repeat it.
By Amy Mutchler, for Revive Your LIfe

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