We are living in times where grief is an inescapable part of life–whether we are afflicted by what we see on the news, or living it firsthand.  While we can’t avoid all grief, we can avoid the destruction that grief can cause.

  1. Your situation isn’t unique–One of the devil’s most deceptive ploys is to make you think that no one else knows what you are going through.  Any situation you may face is not only experienced by others, but it often a common experience to us all.
  2. You need others to get you throughSelf-pity, and every other destructive result of grief, can only function in isolation.  When exposed to the joy in others, the negative effects of grief begin to die!  If Satan can cut you off from others, then it’s like a wolf separating a sheep from the flock:  you are easy prey.

  3. Your situation is temporaryNo tragedy is permanent. Even death is only a temporary separation.  We will be reunited with our loved ones who have passed!  Remembering this will bring comfort (I Thess. 4:18)  and can even provide a lot of positive motivation.

  4. Your hardship is small in comparison with eternity-Putting our tragedies into the perspective of eternity also minimizes their impact on us.  When we think of all that’s awaiting us in eternity, our problems shrink to a manageable size!

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