STAND UP FOR THE TRUTH-from “Don’t Limit God” by Andrew Wammack
    We will limit what God can do through us if we know something is true but won’t stand up for the truth because we are afraid of what people will say.  There is zero excuse for this in America.  In foreign countries, many have given their lives standing up for the truth.  That’s true persecution!  But in our country, we feel persecuted if people just look at us a certain way.  We have become addicted to everyone’s acceptance.  We receive our ego and acceptance from others, so we  become co-dependent on people.  We need our spouses’, co-workers’, children’s, in-laws’s or out-law’s approval.  I’m not saying we should enjoy the rejection of others, but we should get to a place where if God loves us–which He does–then that ought to be sufficient for us.  When we have a fear of man and let criticism and rejection keep us from doing what God called us to do, we limit Him.

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