Some people may wonder why renewing your wedding vows is important.   Jerry and I are not the same people who got married nearly 44 years ago.  I was 18 and he was 21.  We thought we knew what love was all about.  We were blessed to be Christians and had the same ideas about marriage being forever and the importance of God and the church to the family.  Yet there have been some hard times.  It will be good to renew those vows and say to each other, “I may not be the same person but I am a better person who still loves you and wants to marry you all over again!” 

Saying these vows can be the beginning of a deeper spiritual walk together in the Lord as you enter a new season in your marriage.  It is a serious vow to take as were the original wedding vows.

Some couples may not have been Christians when they first married but now they are and want to really make those spiritual wedding vows to each other.

Invite your family and friends to enjoy this time with you.   You must register by April 8 to participate in this ceremony.

Others may want to come to enjoy watching their friends and families take these vows.   Please bring snacks,and refreshments for a fellowship time following the ceremony.

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