Jim Childs, Prophet

This is the Word of the Lord for this House. – Learn to ride the Waves! You are embarking on great change, but be assured you are safe because a good foundation has been laid. Many will be tempted to cry out for what was, seeking the comfort of the familiar, the comfort of the ship, but when you get back in the boat-the wind stops blowing. I hear the Lord saying, Know that I have gone before you and prepared the way so that you might not only be sustained, but that you might increase. Your life flow is in following the directions that I lay out before you. Yes, there will be those who do not understand at first, for they have drunk of the old wine and will not immediately embrace the new. There are those even in this area and even in this house who say-“Will they go forth or will it continue in what was?” You must demonstrate your answer and follow hard after me knowing that I have provided all that is necessary to accomplish My purpose. You must purpose not to settle as you experience a new wave of my glory, learn to ride the waves of my Spirit that is blowing afresh upon this house, releasing vision and revelation.

A Word for All —Take up the Treasures of Heaven. Have you not seen, do you not perceive that I, your Breaker have broken through on your behalf, and that I your Breaker have laid at your feet those things that you have need of? In days of old when nations were conquered the spoil was taken and laid at the feet of the king, but I have made you more than conquerors in that I, your Breaker have won the victory and have laid at your feet the treasures of Heaven, but you must take them up and receive them to yourself. Once again, I your Breaker, do breakthrough your mindsets and traditions that have boxed Me out and boxed you in, to the degree that it has become hard for you to receive or even believe that I would move on your behalf. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad for I set you free from those things that have restricted so that you might enjoy the pleasures of the Kingdom.


Prophetic Word

Prophetic Revival 07-10-2016

Connie Childs, Prophetess

Many have stood as the winds of adversity blew and shook everything around you. You stood as the invading floods surged upon you. The enemy released vile accusations against you—trying his best to get you to back off the promise BUT you stood. There is breakthrough and harvest coming upon this region and this local church. I see massive revival coming forth in regions where small bands have stood and contend IN SPITE of what you have seen and felt. I feel the Lord saying; Fresh winds of encounter are blowing upon many of you today. I will refresh the dreams and visions that have grown dim. I will ignite the flames again. I will shake my bride out of complacency and into fresh fire.

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