Pastor LaVerne Thoughts for the week

Statements I have read that have stuck with me this week

                                                      Pastor LaVerne

“Jesus Loved misfits——-The list was not promising. Making the cut, among others, was a hothead named Simon, a doubter named Thomas, a tax collector named Matthew, and a betrayer named Judas. Most would trust and believe in him. Some would deny him. All would abandon him. Jesus knew all that. And he was willing to grant them his power to represent him. “                                 From Today Devotional

“Be filled with Crazy Courage-It’s time to Dance on Fear” by Kathi Pelton

“So when, by God’s grace, we come to believe in Jesus, we too are anointed permanently with the Holy Spirit.  As you ponder the Spirit’s work in your life today, remember the  promise that God will never leave or forsake you.”

                                                                   From Today Devotional

Don’t fret–The Blood of Christ Jesus speaks for you, your family, your city, and your nation.”        

 God has made a way for us to approach Him beyond the veil, through the Blood of His son, Jesus, and that Blood still speaks, and speaks of better things.  That Blood still speaks even in the midst of shootings in our schools and universities, in the midst of terror threats and plots being devised secretly in our neighborhoods, in the midst of sickness, disease and pain, in the midst of prognoses from doctors, debt, divorce attorneys, and in the midst of historic disunity in our political system.  It speaks of better things.

         from Kim Clement

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