All the direct advertising on tv has desensitized us to the seriousness of the abuse.  The favorite choice of pain killers in the teen and elderly is Oxycontin or Vicodin, which are highly addictive as well as deadly when mixed with alcohol.  In the elderly alcohol remains the most commonly abused substance.
What is the root behind all addictions generational and personally?  It is the need to be loved.  There is an unloving spirit that will not let the person give or receive love without fear.  Spirits of addiction increase their lack of self-esteem, insecurity, fear, anxiety, and stress.  This is a battle for the person’s state of being.  State of being and state of belonging are two battlegrounds that the enemy uses in our family trees.  When people do not like themselves and struggle with their identity, driveness occurs.  This allows an altered state of consciousness to mask the pain.
Anything that creates a dopamine rush can become our addiction.  When we do not feel good about ourselves, we search for and become addicted to something that gives us a momentary “feel good” sensation.  The love of that drug of choice whether it is sugar, heroin, alcohol, medications, or exercise becomes stronger than the love for Father God.  There are no “good” addictions or “little” addictions, they all destroy relationships.

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