NUGGETS FOR LIFE by Barbra Burton

I believe that if you ask most people if they worry, they will answer with a yes. Most have perfected the art of worry with a life time of practice. With all of the worry nothing real value has been obtained.

Worry will never change any outcome or solve any problem or cause a miracle to happen. Prayer will. Taking action against worry will. Placing your faith in God will.

I read somewhere that doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome is nothing but insanity.

In Matthew 6:27 “Which of you by taking thought (worry) can add one cubic unto his stature? We are told repeatedly in the Bible to Fear Not (worry not).

What we focus on, we feel, and what we feel grows. When we feed our problems with fear or worry they become like giants to us.

Worry and fear cannot live in the same space as hope and faith. One will always drive out the other. When you stand on faith and take positive action, like prayer and rebuking the spirit, or even just changing what you are thinking about, like thinking on something good, you evict worry and fear from your mind. When you allow worry and fear to start, you allow hope and faith to move away. Both cannot be there at the same time. You either have one or the other.

The first step to breaking the worry habit is to become more aware when you are worrying and what you are worrying about. Then change your mind and focus on good things that are happening in your life or that you would like to happen. Concentrate on good things.

When you are worrying you are giving a lot of mental and physical and emotional energy into things you cannot change. When you are worrying about things you cannot change you are not focusing on the things you can change!

The moment that we focus on the things that we can do, the action that we can take, the decisions we can make we move form a state of worry and fear to a state of faith. This state of faith is a wonderful cure for worry. Try it and see!!!

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