These words will bring relief from the the word depression or oppression that might attack a Christian   You must focus on praise and worship to glorify God.  

YADAH-This means to willfully throw your hands up to praise with power.  2 Chronicles 20:19-20

TOWDAH-It means to extend the hands in worship and to thank the Lord for things not yet received as well as for things already at hand.  Pslams 50:23

HALAL-The word, Hallelujah, comes from this.  It means to shine, boasT, to rave, and to celebrate or clamor foolishly.  “To be a fool for Christ.”  Ps. 113 and 114

SHABACH-This means to address with a loud tone, to command, to triumph, to glory, to shout.  Ps. 117:19  Ps. 63:1-3

BARAK-This means to kneel and bless God as an act of adoration while anticipating something from Him.   Ps. 72:12,13

ZAMAR-This means to make a loud rhythm sound with percussion, or wind, or rhythm instruments.  Ps. 57:8, 9   Ps 150

TEHILLOAH-This means to sing unto the Lord.  Ps. 22:3 God dwells in the praises of His people.

So the answer to your attacks from the enemy is “intense, whole-hearted, ever-loving, hand-clapping, foot-stomping, moan and groan, soul restoring, shake and quake, worship of the LIVING GOD!”

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