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    We have all heard it before, “INSANITY- Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting  different results,” and though it has been credited to a lot of different people, most believe it originated with Albert Einstein-one of the most brilliant minds in history.

    If we have all heard it, and all tried it, then why do we continue to do it?  Maybe, perhaps we really don’t want change at all; after all, we are creatures of habit. Maybe we just like to think things will change without any effort on our part.  I know, things will evolve and change on their own-Oh, that’s right- we don’t evolve that way, do we?

    What would you have your church to be like if you could have it anyway you wanted ? What would you change?  Who would you have doing each ministry?  What would you do to make it that way?  We are at an amazing time; a time where the church can be made to be whatever we want it to be- IF YOU HELP!!  Will You ?

    There are needs for workers in all Ministries of this church, from the cleaning crew, to the  nursery, to the Women’s groups, to the Men’s group- which is vacant right now- to the prayer team, and Music Ministry and ……. You get the Point. OH, I almost forgot and the Ministry we haven’t started yet- You know, the one You are so passionate about, but they just don’t have it here…..WHY NOT?  Because you haven’t started it yet!

  Time to roll up the sleeves, take your places-quit thinking church as usual, and help make CHANGE!  Not for the sake of Change, but for the sake of Progress.  That is all!

Pastor Tim


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